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Sāndipani aims to create a Child Centered School where the child is the nucleus and the teacher and the parent are on the periphery, by taking the psychology of the child into consideration and arranging the syllabi around it.

  • Aiming for success, unbowed in failure.

  • Passionate believers in tradition & heritage.

  • Sensitive to human issues & environment concerns.

  • Imbibing the wisdom of ages in the midst of nature, peace & harmony.

  • Learning by exploring & experiment.

Sāndipani operates on the vision to groom children to -

  • Learn by observation, doing and recapitulation.

  • Develop skills for self sufficiency and betterment of the community.

  • Become visionary leaders ensconced in Indian values.

  • Adopt the holistic approach towards personality development for effective nation building.

  • Develop empathy towards Nature and work selflessly in protecting and conserving it.

  • Spread the message of unity, equality and peace to the world.


A New Concept School for a New Generation

Values for Students 

  • To strive for excellence.

  • Sense of belongingness.

  • Respect for teachers, parents and elders.

  • Punctuality and regularity.

  • Patriotism.

  • Honesty.

  • To be a role model.

  • Commitment for excellence.

  • Devotion to duty.

  • Fairness in dealing with all matters.

  • Sense of belongingness.

  • Team Spirit.

Values for Teachers

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