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Dr. Shrikant Jichkar

M.B.B.S., M.D.,D.Lit.(Sanskrit), L.L.M.(lnternational Law) B. Journ., M.A. (Public Administration), M.A. (Sociology), MA(Economics), M.A. (Sanskrit), M.A. (English Lit.), M.A. (Philosophy), M.A. (Pol. Science), M.A. (Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology), Ex. I.P.S. (1978), I.A.S. (1980), Aahitagni Dikshita Somayaji, Ex. Member of Parliament (RajyaSabha).

Dr. Shrikant Jichkar was an eminent educationist, an erudite politician, selfless social worker, a forceful orator, an eminent scholar and a crusader of Indian culture & tradition. He brought a whiff of culture & ethical tone to education. An Indian, proud of his heritage, he was well versed in Sanskrit, Upanishads, Geeta, Vedas & other sacred texts. A modern Shankaracharya who traversed far and wide explaining the glory of Indian heritage, his achievements are beyond labels and definitions. Dr. Jichkar's idea of school education was an all-round development & personality growth. He called 'Sāndipani', a new concept school for a new generation. According to him education is the 'way of life', giving maximum happiness to maximum number of people. This maxim he made the guiding philosophy of Sandipani. 

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