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The school has one of the best infrastructures set up to let our young buds flourish in all respects. A vast expanse of 8 acres provides a perfect ambience for an aesthetically chartered school building.

The School Campus 


All the classrooms in the school are enabled with smart boards facilitating the learning of students. Subject wise e-content is available for teachers and students.



The spacious and fully equipped libraries serve as storehouse of knowledge and information for our students of all age groups. Books and literature on all subjects are available for reference of teachers and students.


The school has fully equipped exploratory along with science, mathematics, exploratory and language labs with upgraded equipments. Computer labs with computers of latest configuration complement the teaching learning process.


Garden Library

An attractive environment in the lap of nature where students feel free despite being in the formal learning environment of the school.


Sāndipani is the only school in Nagpur to come up with an exceptional idea, where both the teaching and non teaching staff of Sāndipani can avail its facility.


Care, Safety & Security 

  • Entire premises is  under the CCTV surveillance.

  • Continuous monitoring for added safety.

  • Regular training sessions for supporting staff.

  • Fire Safety provision as per norms.

Medicare Room

School is equipped with medical facilities with proper First-Aid arrangements and a trained Nurse on duty, during the school hours.



To cater towards the healthy disposition of our students there is a canteen facility where nutritious and tasty food is made available at reasonable rates.

Transport Facility

The fleet that connects students to school includes school buses that ensure safe, punctual and comfortable transport to and from school with trained drivers and attendants. Every bus has a GPS and CCTV monitoring system.

School Bus
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