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The School Curriculum

The School runs as an Unaided Private Institution. Sāndipani follows Central Board of Secondary Education Curriculum from Nursery to Std. XII. (Affiliation No.1130124, School Code-30096) Sāndipani encourages a robust , vibrant and holistic education that engenders excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. Reaching out to the community is included in the curriculum. Students do a lot of social work voluntarily which inculcates a sense of understanding and belongingness. Giving back to society and nature is an integral part of their learning experience.

The Toddler Step

(Pre-Primary Section)

Our pre-school education programme is child centered and is derived from prominent forerunners of early childhood education like, Froebel, Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, Stanley and Mahatma Gandhi.

  • It is a programme for 3 to 5 year old children. It follows the play way and activity approach.

  • It provides a stimulating play environment for language, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of a child.

  • It lays the foundation for the development of reading, writing and number work.

  • It develops skills related to the process of learning. It is not an examination oriented programme.

The Innocent Years:

Primary level (Grade I - V)

Schooling at Primary level (Grade I - V) initiates children to build upon their existing knowledge and enthusiasm for continued learning . We believe that every child is unique and learns differently. Sāndipani offers differentiated learning strategies as per their needs. It helps the child to analyze , understand and apply knowledge in context that plays a crucial role in development of students. We provide  various opportunities to our children to develop 21st century skills of Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. The different activities offered enable children to explore their multiple talents.

The Years Of Innovation And Ideas

(Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary Division)

At this level, we are entrusted with the responsibility of shaping a child's personality-Emotionally, Physically, Intellectually, Spiritually as well as Socially. Therefore the role of school in Grade VI - X is more of a facilitator and collaborator by imparting education through stimulating tasks, projects, assignments, training and hands on experience.

At senior secondary level (Grade XI & XII) CBSE curriculum is followed with a plethora of choices in subject options for two streams -Science and Commerce. At Sāndipani , we strive to equip our students with the aptitude , attitude and skills required to excel in the times to come .

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