SANDIPANI... The Rishi
The school takes its name after Sandipani. Lord Krishna’s preceptor who had his gurukul in Ujjain where the ‘Blue Boy of Brindavan’ mastered not only the formal shastras and art but became proficient in archery, warfare and developed other aspects of his personality to become one of the loftiest figures of Indian culture.

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Just as the kind of home the child grows up in, plays a deciding role in determining what sort of personality pattern he will develop, so does the school.

Sandipani, a co-educational institution (flagship school at Civil Lines and its branch at Hazari Pahad), run by the Sandipani Society is conceived as a blend of European and American techniques of modern education with the values and ideals of ancient Indian culture.

Sandipani as the name suggests leans towards the Gurukul system where learning is for learning sake, not to pass an examination. Here the education is informal but not casual. So while the content of the curriculum are the same as that of conventional schools, teachers help students to acquire skills and help them to apply these to real life.
Dr. Shikant Jichkar
Dr. Shrikant Jichkar (September 14, 1954 - June 2, 2004) was a well respected Indian politician. He was the heart, mind and soul of Sandipani, the very essence, the Shakti. He called it ‘A new concept School for a new generation’. He redefined the meaning of education. According to him, education, is the ‘way of life’, giving ‘maximum happiness to maximum number of people’. This maxim he made the guiding philosophy of Sandipani which was founded in 1993.

Dr. Shrikant Jichkar was a highly educated person from India with 20 post-graduate University Degrees to his credit.

M.B.B.S., M.D., D.B.M., M.B.A. , D.Lit. (Sanskrit), L.L.M. (International Law) B. Journ., M.A. (Public Administration), M.A. (Sociology), M.A. (Economics), M.A. (Sanskrit), M.A. (English Lit.), M.A. (Philosophy), M.A. (Pol. Science), M.A. (Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archeology), Ex. I.P.S. (1978), I.A.S. (1980), Aahitagni Dikshita Somayaji, Ex. Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha).
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